Hi Guys,

 I have recently had our Austerlitz website revamped!

 It is still at the same URL (http://www.austerlitzpbem.com) but has been transferred into a far more easy to maintain format. The old website had become a bit creaky over the years, and it is good to get the site into a more modern format!

 New content will be added shortly, and possibly the forums will be transferred across to the new site.  The forums are still active on the usual link.

 I also now have a working Blog on the site. It's still rough, but will be a bit tidier shortly. You can subscribe to the blog, and will get a notification when I post anything of interest.

 And we now have a Facebook page! Rush on over to 


 and click 'like'!

 I'll be using the Facebook page to post Austerlitz news, so hitting 'like' will put the news on your Facebook wall.

 I also have a personal Facebook page : 


 You're quite welcome to 'friend' me if you like and see pictures of your future GM Sammy Jnr!

 All the best,