PBM and PBEM are very similar to tabletop war wargaming yet there are also many differences. The blood, the strategy and the thrill of war are all present, but no more do you have to carefully measure the positions of your brigades before putting away the figures and the terrain. No more will scale limit the size of battles or your enthusiasm. No more do you have to put up with the disappointment of your opponent not turning up to play.

Austerlitz offers you the chance to play the wargame of your dreams. Command armies of over 150 battalions in the field! Try your strategy across the old battlefields of Europe and fight new battles that history never saw! Fight detailed multiple battles every turn against up to 15 opponents. Every turn there will always be someone willing to go to war, on land or at sea!! You need never be bored or disappointed again.

Austerlitz also adds the economics and politics of a living vibrant world to a rich and colourful, historically accurate wargaming environment. This creates a unique blend of tactical and strategic difficulties in every game, in every turn.