The Year is 1805....
and William Pitt the Younger of Great Britain has formed the Third Coalition, an alliance of Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia – an alliance formed to defeat the might of Napoleon and Imperial France – an alliance doomed to failure. On December 2, 1805, the French defeated Austria and Russia at the battle of Austerlitz. Europe was laid wide open for conquest!!

Now you have the chance to re-fight history, to carve your own empire out of Europe and become Emperor of the civilized World!

Austerlitz is a Napoleonic Wargame set in the year 1808, at the height of Napoleon’s power. As a player in the game you will be a leader of one of Europe’s 16 most powerful nations. Will you form a great and peaceful alliance, or will you crush fools and weaklings with your Empire’s mighty armies?

Austerlitz is the premier PBeM Napoleonic Wargame. An award winner all over Europe and in the UK, no other Napoleonic Wargame has enjoyed the success of Austerlitz – ever. Unparalleled realism and accurate modeling of Europe’s armies in 1808 make this a wargaming opportunity not to be missed!

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