Austerlitz is the premier PBeM Napoleonic Wargame, and has won awards all over Europe and in the UK. The realism is unparalleled, and the accurate representation of the armies of 1808 make this a thrilling simulation of Napoleonic conquest.

History of the game.

Austerlitz has been running in the UK for more than 15 years now and is now run by Supersonic Games Ltd in Ayrshire, Scotland. The game moderator is Sam McMillan who has over 15 years experience in running Austerlitz.

Austerlitz originally started as a Play by mail Game and since August 1998 was changed to be both playable by mail (PBM) and playable by email (PBEM).

Austerlitz quickly gained a large following throughout the UK and now due to it being a PBEM as well as PBM has customers from all around the world.

The Game has been voted Readers Favourite Game by Industry magazine Flagship. It has also been voted best Historical Wargame at the Fiasco conventions held in Leeds, England.

Over the years almost 250 games of Austerlitz have started. Well over 7000 battles have been fought and many millions of troops have fought for their empire. Alliances have been formed and empires destroyed, this is your chance to fight battles that history never saw!

“In war there is no substitute for victory”