When two large armies meet in Austerlitz a Simulated Battle will be fought. The simulated battle in Austerlitz is a detailed wargame, where both sides in the battle receive a printout of the battlefield and the composition of the armies, then both commanders and their strategies. The battlefield contains many types of terrain, rivers, woods, villages and fortresses, plus hills and valleys, which all make the selection and placement of troops of crucial importance.

The battlefield also has ‘strategic points’ of particular importance, usually villages, high ground or fortresses, which must be held to prevent the enemy from gaining significant advantage. Often the battle will revolve around those key points, with each side capturing and recapturing, expending men, horse and machines in a welter of blood and carnage to gain the final advantage.

Both commanders place their forces in the area of the battlefield and give orders to each battalion group under their command. These orders can be exact or allow some freedom for the personal discretion of the battalion commander. They will attempt to carry out these orders to the best of their ability, but sometimes the fog of war, or sheer bad luck may intervene. The battle then takes place, both sides will receive a printout of each of the 25 rounds in the battle. You can follow the movement of troops, the slow progress of artillery, the sweeping charges of cavalry, the efforts of the sappers and pioneers and the defensive squares of beleaguered infantry. You can monitor their losses, morale and success as the battle progresses to its glorious, or bloody conclusion. You can watch as your troops carry out their orders to allow your carefully laid plans and strategies to unfold, leading to desolate ruin and defeat, or glory and supreme victory!!