Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

In this page you will find a list of all players who have played more than 500 turns in the game, and their reasons why they find Austerlitz soooo much fun to play!



Why Austerlitz


George Hornby

Infinite situations, Range of characters, joy of plot, buzz of victory, pain of defeat, hit of post.

  Clive Nash I tried the rest but stayed with the best. I’ve made a lot of friends.



Why Austerlitz


Paul Goodman

Playing against a computer becomes predictable, playing against other players in Austerlitz doesn’t.


Michael Joyce




Why Austerlitz

500 + Phillip Bates I have really enjoyed the diplomatic side to this game.  Over the last 10 years I know who I can rely on and who really knows how to play the game.


John Bennett

So compelling and intriguing.

  David Blair For the scale of armies and combat, the alternating diplomacy and skullduggery which you deal out to your neighbours, and the friendships you enjoy with fellow players, this game can't be beaten.
  Mark Bolton Fantastic value, highly entertaining and a first class service to boot.  Thoroughly recommended.

Brendan Brown

I’ve played Austerlitz for about 5 years. It’s the best PBeM I have ever taken part in. I particularly like the diplomatic inter play with the players.

  Adrian Clarke I have played for over 10 years and once the rules are mastered it is as complex or simple as you want to make it.  When your turn arrives you can be tearing it open with excitement or dread.  Your friends can be your enemies and nothing is guaranteed.  What an absolute masterpiece of a game.

Sean Clingan

Entertaining, enjoyable, complex yet not difficult to play, with the power to surprise and even annoy - fun!

  Chris Cornwell I continue to play because Sam continues to take my money :-)

Gerry Elliott

The intricacy involved can be subtle or like a sledgehammer. The suspense is awful, but the result is usually worth it.

  James Gamble  

Paul Howard


Roy Mitchell

I’ve continued to play Austerlitz for nearly 10 years now. Longer than most modern marriages; because although, like most marriages it’s bloody, violent and cut-throat - it’s a lot more fun.


Beau Moore

It’s a great game!!!!


Adrian Neal

I continue to play because I continue to learn.

  Alan Owen Been in at least 1 game for last 10 years +...and probably for the next 10 - need I say more?!.